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15 September 2012

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Network or Line administrators know it very well that how time consuming and hassle they could confront to while working with Active Directory. Now try the latest JiJi AD Manager designed by JIJI Technologies that will make the entire process of managing different user accounts, contacts and computer as a whole via Active Directory in simplest of ways. So delegated users, administrators and people who keeps control on the network in an organization can take help of this brilliant client server modeled managing utility and create the entire AD management process very straightforward. With this tool you will be able to create, delete or modify users, contacts and computer attributes like General Attributes, Terminal Service Attributes, Exchange attributes etc. simply by importing values from CSV and templates that is predefined.

As far as key features are concerned, we must say there are several of them that make it a handy application compared to other peers. The application proves to be very beneficial as it would not be necessary to import or export or Modify Active Directory objects one by one as it allows in carrying these operations in bulk. This tool is highly secure supporting generation of Active Directory password with varied password complexities. To increase the speed of your modification or creation of AD users, the JiJi AD Manager provides several templates making the entire very quick. The interface of this software program is immensely innate and uncomplicated that serves every users to operate this managing software effortlessly. Just get along with this application and generate more than thousand user accounts in a nick of a time.

In a nutshell, the JiJi AD Manager is a terrific software utility for enabling you to manage the Active directory with utmost ease. It gets a well justifiable three and a half star on 5 for its stellar performance.

Publisher's description

Managing user accounts, computers and contacts in Active Directory is a time consuming job for administrators. JiJi AD Bulk Manager is a secured client server model which helps administrator/a delegated user to make AD management process simple. You can create / modify / delete users, computers and contacts attributes in bulk (General Attributes, Exchange Attributes, Terminal Service Attributes etc) by importing the values from CSV or using a defined template. Most importantly administrators could delegate the powers to any user.
Key Features:
1. Secured AD management tool
2. Bulk user, computer & contact management
3. Export/import features helps in Data migration in AD
4. Bulk AD User Provisioning/ De-Provisioning /Modification via CSV file
5. Delegate authorities to different users
6. Exchange user management
Features of JiJi Bulk Manager:
1. Support for bulk importing/ exporting/ modifying AD objects (users,computers,contacts)
2. Support for generating AD password with different password complexities
3. Templates are available to speed up the process of AD user creation and modification
4. 1000s of user accounts can be created within seconds
Benefits of JiJi Bulk Manager:
1. Performs the AD management within few mouse clicks
2. Fires up AD management process in bulk, instead of deploying it for individual AD objects
3. Helps administrators to create test enviroment within seconds
4. Helps administrators can create/ modify AD users in bulk
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JiJi AD Manager
JiJi AD Manager
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